Dimensions of history and heritage

What does it mean to be an Asian or Pacific Islander? It means reverence for ancestors, custom, and tradition. It means investing in the future, and believing in the rewards of dedicated work today. It is the roaring energy of pride, and the quiet power of humility. Join us in honoring Asian and Pacific Islander voices of change, innovation, and hope.
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Voices of innovation

Protecting our planet

Graphic design of a purple background with blue, yellow and orange elements that look like waves, flower petals, stripes and circles on top.

Without limits, we all thrive

For too long, conventional notions of success have been tied to culture or gender. But when we instead measure success based on authentic leadership and meaningful impact, everyone thrives—from businesses to communities to society at large.

Expanding the boundaries of art

The site of Ancient Olympia is recreated in animation through precise digital restoration.

Bringing Ancient Olympia to life with AI

Ancient Olympia: Common Grounds—a new collaboration between the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports and Microsoft—is harnessing AI to digitally preserve and restore this rich site for future generations by bringing its structures and cultural impact to life like never before.

Unlocking a competitive edge

How athletes bring their best on game day

Athletes are always looking for ways to play their best. Find out how data is becoming the latest-must have for elite athletes, their coaches, and their fans.

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