Unleashing the arts through new experiences

Leading artists and institutions continue to push boundaries with technology.
The site of Ancient Olympia is recreated in animation through precise digital restoration.

Bringing Ancient Olympia to life with AI

Ancient Olympia: Common Grounds—a new collaboration between the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports and Microsoft—is harnessing AI to digitally preserve and restore this rich site for future generations by bringing its structures and cultural impact to life like never before.

Reimagining the arts

From theaters to museums to interactive exhibits, arts venues and institutions are transforming before our eyes. Find out how technology is changing the way we engage with art—and each other.

Defying Gravity

Celebrating the women who defy gravity

An installation created in partnership with Smithsonian magazine, Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, and Dr. Mae Jemison uses mixed reality to showcase women’s critical contributions to the US space program.

Empowering artistic innovation

New technology is pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and changing our conception of what’s possible. See how these artists are harnessing the latest tech to innovate and inspire.

An artificial intelligence-infused installation.

Exploring the intersection of art and AI

What if humans and computers could work together to make us more aware of the world around us—and help us tackle critical issues from climate change to emotional health? Meet the innovators exploring this question, and a range of new possibilities, with tech-infused art.

Preserving the past, exploring today

How can we hold onto the key pieces of what make us who we are—from language to art to history? Learn how these innovators are preserving our artistic past while making it more relevant and vital than ever.


Experience art through the lens of artificial intelligence

The Tate IK Prize challenge was to use artificial intelligence to explore art in the Tate collection. The result was RECOGNITION, an algorithm that uncovers links between current events and art.