Dimensions of history and heritage

What does it mean to be an Asian or Pacific Islander? It means reverence for ancestors, custom, and tradition. It means investing in the future through education, community, and innovation. It is the roaring energy of pride, and the quiet power of humility. It is believing in the rewards of dedicated work and trusting in the prospect of good luck. It means dignity. It means hope.
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Find your community. Build your community” 

 - Fatema Kothari  

As a leader, Fatema finds her higher purpose in the work she does expanding technology and internet access to unserved communities around the world, connecting them to healthcare, education, and economic opportunities. 

“Continue to do things that people didn’t think were possible.”

- Henry Liu

Xbox marketer, husband, father, and community leader, Henry encourages and elevates voices in the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities so they can feel seen and heard. 

“Each of us has a different story.”

 - Nica Siy

As an Asian and Pacific Islander living and working in the Philippines, Nica advocates for the dimensions in us all while maintaining balance and encouraging others to remember what’s really important. 

Celebrating Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month: A conversation

Executive sponsors of the Asians at Microsoft employee resource group explore the many identities within a global community of impact.
Portraits of a woman and a man in front of a dark blue graphic design background with lotus, fish, moon and bamboo as part of the illustration.
Professional Asian businesswoman standing against highrise financial towers in Central Business District and looking up into sky with confidence.

Empowering Asia Pacific’s digital ambition and innovation engine

Microsoft started operating in Asia Pacific more than 30 years ago and works closely with governments, non-government organizations, enterprises, communities, and individuals to realize the region’s digital ambitions.
A collage image of many pictures depicting Microsoft employees from Asia and Pacific Islander regions.

Engage, connect and follow along with the People of Microsoft Asia

We play an active role in creating inclusive environments where people of diverse backgrounds are excited to bring all of who they are and do their best work.
A graphic illustrated image with the Xbox logo in a red setting sun. Clouds, mountains, water, bamboo and trees are visible in the illustration.

Xbox celebrates Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month by supporting API game creators and players

Engage, make an impact, and celebrate Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with Xbox, including MS Rewards on console, Twitch livestreams, community stories, curated games collections; plus in-game content, gamerpics, avatar items and more.

Honoring Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage with Flipgrid

This May, Flipgrid is honored to share meaningful resources and conversations that educate your learning communities on allyship, stories of history, and traditions of tomorrow. 

A graphic mandala flower made from various quilted southeast Asian fabrics. It is various tones of red, blue, brown, yellow and pink.
A close-up of singer Warren Hue wearing headphones and a red jacket, recording at a microphone in a studio, against a black backdrop

88rising’s “Too Many Tears” mixes music and AI to tell a story

88rising is dedicated to bringing Asian music, art, and culture to US audiences. The never-ending remix of Warren Hue’s “Too Many Tears,” uses AI to draw inspiration from one of the largest Asian American communities in the US. 

For Daisuke Okamoto, the world’s a studio

Meet the artist and entrepreneur whose pen-to-paper style is undergoing a digital transformation to bring his spontaneous creative visions to life. 

Artist Daisuke Okamoto is wearing glasses and is sitting working on a Microsoft Surface device. Artist materials are seen on his desk in the background. 
Graphic design elements with abstracted moon, lotus flower, fish and bamboo made with bright colors on a light blue background.

Download these Asian and Pacific Islander Teams backgrounds for a limited time only