For Earth Day and every day

Our work doesn’t start or stop on Earth Day. We’ve been carbon neutral since 2012, and we’re making measurable progress towards being carbon negative, water positive, and zero waste by 2030. Honor Earth Day with us and join in.

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Carbon neutral since 2012, but that’s just the beginning

For us, sustainability isn’t just an ambition—it’s also a part of our culture. Our commitments and actions on sustainability are wide-reaching, and our employee sustainability community is over 5,000 members strong with more than 30 chapters around the world. We ‘re making progress, and we aspire to help every organization on the planet to do the same.

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It takes everyone to make a difference

Discover how we’re honoring this Earth Day.

A green and white Xbox logo with graphic foliage and natural environment background.

Honor Earth Day with Xbox

Explore a curated collection of games, discover new in-game content, and donate Microsoft Rewards points to environmental nonprofits in honor of Earth Day with Xbox.

Plant trees with Microsoft Rewards

Use Microsoft Rewards to support The Nature Conservancy in protecting the environment. For every dollar donated by Microsoft Rewards in April, a tree will be planted by The Nature Conservancy to help ensure that forests survive for future generations.

a graphic illustration of a blue arrow on a green rectangle. 

Microsoft Store Online Trade-in Program

Responsibly recycle your device by trading in any used laptop, tablet, phone, or game console in exchange for cash back.

Strike up conversations about sustainability

Try out these backgrounds for Microsoft Teams video calls to strike up conversations about environmental stewardship, carbon negativity, waste reduction, and water usage.

Shown is a women displaying a multi-colored graphic illustration with dimensional ecosystems of algae, corals, forests, plants, and insects as her screen background.
3D imagery of plastic and pearlescent objects floating in space. They are shades of pinks, purples and other pastel colors.

Browse with sustainability top of mind

Choose from our new exclusive Microsoft Edge themes that spotlight environmental stewardship, carbon and waste reduction, optimizing water usage, and protecting ecosystems.

Say more with new emojis on Teams

Use the unique emojis that we’ve created to talk about environmental stewardship, wind energy, personal gardening, and yes, electric cars.

Designing for sustainability

We’re investing in making our supply chain greener and our products more sustainable. Here are just a few highlights of how we’re making that happen.

Recycling plastic to help clean up our oceans

Discover the Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse , with a shell made from 20% recycled ocean plastic. It’s a breakthrough in materials technology and a small step forward in our sustainability journey.

Building more sustainable Surface devices

Surface plays a key role in Microsoft’s commitment to be carbon negative, water positive, and zero waste by 20301— which is why we aim to create devices that reduce carbon impact across their life cycles, reduce waste, and are built with integrity.

Innovating for a more sustainable console

The Xbox Series X|S consoles are 97% recyclable, putting us on track to achieve our goal of reaching 100% recyclability by 2030.

*The Xbox Series X|S consoles were recently assessed to be 97% recyclable in OECD countries based on UL 2789 Environmental Claim Validation (ECV) Procedure, which is a standardized metric for measuring electronic product recyclability by material type.

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