Action and inaction matter

Reflect on the historical strides of Black and African American communities. Commit to the change that redefines the future.
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Taking action against injustice and inequity

How can we address racial injustice and inequity for Black and African American communities in a meaningful way—ensuring that Black communities at and beyond Microsoft prosper? Here, we break down Microsoft’s key commitments and the progress we’re continuing to build on every day.

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Increasing representation and inclusion

We’re building on our momentum through a $150 million investment in the US to strengthen inclusion and double the number of Black and African American, as well as Hispanic and Latinx, people managers, senior individual contributors, and senior leaders at Microsoft by 2025.

Engaging our ecosystem

We’re using our balance sheet and relationships with suppliers and partners to foster societal change and create new opportunities in the communities that need them most.

Strengthening our communities

We’re using data, technology, and partnerships to help improve the lives of Black and African American people across the US, including our employees and their communities.

Small acts drive big change

Lauren Gardner and Bill Borden, executive co-sponsors of the Blacks at Microsoft (BAM) employee resource group, explore the impact of Black and African American communities within and beyond Microsoft. 

Over a black background with a graphic of wavy yellow-striped red lines, a portrait photo Lauren Gardner (in a black and white blouse) and Bill Borden (in a blue suit), co-sponsors of the Black at Microsoft employee resource group.

Got any advice?

Three employees share lessons they’ve learned from their experiences at Microsoft.

Blacks at Microsoft Scholarships

BAM is dedicated to supporting the continued growth and development of black employees and encouraging students to pursue a career in technology. 
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Microsoft Black Partner Growth Initiative

Enroll today and gain access to a collection of programs and resources designed to support the growth of Black-owned technology businesses within the Microsoft Partner Network.

Bringing Black and African American heritage to life in a virtual museum

The Legacy Museum is a virtual museum experience from Microsoft Stores featuring over 200 Black and African American change-makers, including Stacey Abrams, John Legend, Dwyane Wade, John Lewis, and Trevor Noah. In its second year of development, the museum has expanded throughout the industries of Business, Technology, Entertainment, Justice, Sports, and Education to highlight innovators and pioneers from past and present. One new expansion to the museum is a gallery dedicated to a full digital re-creation and tour of early 20th Century Black Wall Street before and after the 1920 Tulsa Massacre. The updated museum also includes new educational galleries focusing on various histories throughout Africa and Canada.

Visit the exhibit

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Xbox celebrates Black History Month with support of Black creators, gamers, and a culture of inclusion

Find out how you can engage, make an impact, and celebrate Black History Month with Xbox, including Twitch livestream events elevating Black community stories, creators, and developers; Xbox inclusive hiring events; plus studio-led activations, in-game content, and more.

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Join the BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Book Club

Each month, the book club highlights a new thought-provoking book and hosts a live virtual event featuring the author in conversation with a BGR! alumna.

Support Black communities with Xbox and Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards Members in the United States can earn and donate points to organizations supporting Black communities through Xbox. Xbox gamers can earn Microsoft Rewards points in various ways, such as playing or purchasing games after downloading the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox. Earn points and redeem them for real rewards. Join today and donate through Xbox.  The below organizations will be featured on console throughout February:

Ten hands of various skin tones join together in a pile to form a pact.

Support Black History Month with Microsoft Rewards

Choose a nonprofit to support through Give with Bing and earn Rewards points that are automatically donated each month.