Envisioning the future of fashion

Fashion is an ever-evolving experience. Meet innovative partners—rag & bone, Eon, Bode, More or Less, the Fashion Innovation Agency, and beyond—who are using technology to reimagine a future for fashion that's more creative, productive, and sustainable than ever.
A Black woman with tight, auburn braids and an orange-patterned head scarf sits on a blue couch hand-sewing a piece of orange and pink patterned fabric.

Giving new life to pre-loved clothing

London-based fashion brand Ahluwalia integrates pre-loved clothing and fabric from the community into limited-edition garments.

Powering a sustainable fashion industry

Meet the visionaries who are using technology to reimagine the fashion industry in bold and creative ways, using technology to make it more sustainable and accessible to all.

Transforming the business of fashion

How can fashion make an impact—both in the industry, and the world? These fashion entrepreneurs are using technology to build businesses that push boundaries.

Profile pic of designer Hayley Elsaesser standing and smiling.

Hayley Elsaesser’s bold, tech-inspired design process

She transformed her passion for design into a clothing line and her own retail store. See how Hayley's creative process evolved, and how she uses technology to push the boundaries.

Augmented Atelier: Digital fashion design

More or Less magazine teamed up with Microsoft to launch Augmented Atelier, a new digital approach to garment creation that taps four of London’s most cutting-edge fashion designers.

Hayley Elsaesser collaborating with students from the London College of Fashion

“It is important for fashion to develop a relationship with technology ... fashion has not yet really been 'innovated'—not in the way we produce or consume.”

- Sofia Barattieri, Founder of Barattieri Collections

“That’s what this partnership is about ... working with these technologies and finding the new creative possibilities they bring."

- Matthew Drinkwater, Head of LCF Fashion Innovation Agency

Three women stand in front of a brightly painted wall.