Ideas at the intersection of music and technology

Discover forward-thinking artists who are using technology to put fans first, create new experiences, and bring people closer to the music they love.

Lauv takes on modern loneliness

Lauv isn't just a musician—he's also an advocate for mental health awareness. Now, he's bringing together artists and creators to talk about the importance of mental health support in times of isolation.

Sporting sunglasses, musician Lauv sits in the driver's seat of a convertible, door open and legs on the ground as he looks to the camera.

Advocating for inclusion

See how these artists are tapping new technology to build a more inclusive world and give a platform to less heard voices.

X Ambassadors reimagine music videos—without the video

Inspired by keyboardist Casey Harris, who was born with low vision, rockers X Ambassadors set out to create an audio-only music video.

Creating new ways to listen

What does it mean to experience music? These visionaries are exploring how technology can make music truly multisensory.

Musician Björk, holding a microphone, stands in profile on stage in an elaborate costume designed by Iris Van Herpern evoking orchids and birds of paradise.

Björk's music comes to life in an AI-powered soundscape

In Björk's Kórsafn—a multimedia installation at New York's Sister City hotel—the Icelandic artist's choral arrangements come to life in an ever-changing multimedia installation that uses AI technology to interpret real-time images from a live camera feed of the sky.

Pushing the boundaries of the craft

These innovators are using the latest technology, from AI to virtual reality, to imagine new possibilities for the music industry.

Elevating the concert experience

Live music, by nature, is immersive. These musicians are using technology to enhance that experience visually and emotionally.

Alison Wonderland

DJ and producer Alison Wonderland needed a compact performance kit to power fantastical, next-level visuals on her worldwide tour. The solution: a Surface-powered kit that she and her VJ can control from the stage.