Interactive Artist Portraits at KEXP

Artist and Satellite Lab founder Carlo Van de Roer's interactive images were installed at legendary radio station KEXP. Each portrait captures a musician in a moment of creating sound.

Interactive Artist Portraits is a presentation of Satellite Lab founder and artist Carlo Van de Roer’s interactive images. Commissioned by Microsoft, each portrait celebrates a forward-thinking artist who has created innovative work using Microsoft technology.

Satellite Lab has developed in-camera technology that enables the use of moving light sources within images frozen in time. Now, with the help of Microsoft Kinect, you can participate in an interactive experience with the images by positioning yourself in front of the display area. It will detect you and transform each image in response to your movements.

The project was on display in KEXP’s gathering space until February 15, 2017. Special thanks to Phantogram, Matthew Dear, and Alan Palomo from Neon Indian for their participation and support.