Feel the Pride

The Ally Coalition marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising with a community-powered light and sound experience that amplifies powerful LGBTQI+ stories.

As Pride celebrations kick off globally, this year’s are particularly momentous: 2019 marks 50 years since the Stonewall Uprising in New York City, which kicked LGBTQ+ rights and reforms into high gear. (You can learn more about Stonewall here.)

To both celebrate and amplify the voices of the global LGBTQI+ community and allies—and to commemorate the first WorldPride to take place in New York City—The Ally Coalition (TAC) created an immersive experience powered by the voices of this all-too-often marginalized group.

We're so thrilled that with the help of Microsoft, St. Vincent, and organizations like GLAAD, we'll be able to experience what Pride means in a whole new way, while honoring the 50th anniversary of Stonewall.

Jack and Rachel Antonoff, The Ally Coalition
two caucasian women look up at colorful lights hanging from the ceiling
"what does pride mean to you?"
green lights

A guest is immersed in the sights and sounds of Feel the Pride, a community-driven installation celebrating WorldPride NYC and Stonewall50.

Guests answer this prompt in order to activate and influence the multi-colored lights and evolving soundscape—which was created by St. Vincent.

Lights hanging from the ceiling change color based on the sentiment of each message sent (as analyzed by Microsoft Sentiment Analysis).

Feel the Pride reinterprets these voices in a stunning audiovisual display that immerses guests in powerful feelings of hope, determination, anger, joy, and more. But what does courage look like? What does love sound like?

TAC worked with artificial intelligence from Microsoft and music from musician St. Vincent to bring their vision to life. Once harnessed by the voices of a global community, these tools become incredible modes of personal expression.

How it works

Feel the Pride uses Microsoft’s Azure Sentiment Analysis API to analyze the thousands of stories shared. First, people share their messages of what Pride means to them on Twitter, using the hashtag #FeelThePride. Then, the AI deciphers whether this statement is positive, negative, optimistic, sad, or something else.

Next, based on the AI analysis, a color on the rainbow spectrum is assigned to the message, along with a loop of music that corresponds to the different sentiments that arise.

That means every community-submitted message has a distinct color and sound associated with it, and every user has helped score and bring Feel the Pride to life, along with St. Vincent and TAC. The immersive light and sound installation is located in NYC, not far from Stonewall itself.