The real Kitty Ca$h comes to life

Artist Kitty Ca$h created a unique video for her debut single “Just Fine” using technology to cast her music, her story, and herself in a new light for fans.

Kitty Ca$h is a renaissance woman—DJ, producer, style mixer, and fashion influencer. She got there with a mix of drive and talent, taking what started as a hobby of DJing with friends and turning it into a career of bouncing around the globe, spinning for Solange and remixing King Princess.

And when she couldn’t be in the club or touring during the pandemic, she poured that innovative spirit into a new personal and creative release called Kitty’s World, an avatar-led animated show that debuted on IGTV.

Now, with even more creative avenues open, Kitty recently released “Just Fine,” her debut single with collaborator Kiana Ledé. Kitty says the song explores “a love that stops time and the world around you and makes everything just fine”—a feeling she hoped to capture in a high-tech and high-emotions music video.

Technology inspires me to have this ultimate creative freedom where I’m allowed to be outside of myself and play with music—and with visuals.

Kitty Ca$h

As someone who enjoys experimenting, Kitty was eager to bring technology into the folds when planning for the music video for “Just Fine” kicked off. She wanted to include a nod to the fact that this video would be the first time she was showing up as herself, rather than the avatar in Kitty’s World. This got her team thinking about how the Microsoft Azure Kinect could be an inventive, playful way to bring Kitty to life in the video.

Using the Kinect, the team was able to capture the real-life Kitty moving through each scene so they could also show her on the verge of being her digital self at times in the video. This is woven into the overarching story that shows a young Kitty and Kiana growing into the powerful duo they are today, supporting each other in good times and bad—the kind of love they sing about in “Just Fine.”