Over the Moon

Taking imagination and science to new heights

In Netflix’s animated adventure Over the Moon, a bright girl named Fei Fei uses her creativity and science smarts to build a rocket to the moon. Now, you can learn how to create a character like Fei Fei—and solve complex problems like her, too—with a drawing tutorial from director Glen Keane and STEM lessons from Microsoft.

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Creating characters with Glen Keane

For Glen Keane, creating fantastical new worlds through his art has been a lifelong passion. Now, he’s sharing that spirit of creativity with students from around the globe. Find out how Glen imagined and animated the world of Over the Moon—and learn from a master as he guides you through creating characters of your own, too.

Ready, set, sketch

Download these drawing guides to get started

Steps to draw Fei Fei

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Steps to draw Bungee

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Steps to draw Gobi

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Steps to draw your own Lunarian

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Send your character to Lunaria

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Go wherever your imagination takes you

Explore the new Surface Go 2 and find out how it can help you bring your biggest ideas to life.

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Giving voice to girls’ STEM aspirations

The stars behind the characters in Over the Moon share what inspires them about the film, STEM, and the power of dreams to change the world.

Cathy Ang

Inspired by her character Fei Fei, Cathy Ang hopes girls around the world can discover their curiosity and passion with STEM.

Phillipa Soo

As the voice of Chang’e, Phillipa Soo wants young people to find the community that inspires them to shoot for the moon.

Ken Jeong

Ken Jeong isn’t just the voice of Gobi—he’s also a doctor. Find out why he thinks STEM is so important for building a better world.

Take off with STEM

Over the Moon is an adventure about a girl named Fei Fei who’s struggling to make sense of love, life, and the legends she heard as a child. She uses her STEM skills and sheer determination to build a rocket and search for answers beyond the moon.

Check out the special 3-part mini-series of Learn with Dr. G to find out how STEM inspires Dr. G and dive into these lessons she developed for Microsoft Learn to help you shoot for the moon—just like Fei Fei.

Prepare for moon missions

Like Fei Fei, use data to plan your own mission to the moon. Ensure your rocket can get you there—and bring you and your moon rocks safely back to Earth.

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Predict meteor showers

Learn how to use concepts from machine learning to predict the occurrence of meteor showers, aka moon goddess tears.

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Find Bungee on the moon

Repurposing the camera on the Lunar Rover, search the moon’s surface for Fei Fei’s buddy Bungee before it’s time to head home to Earth.

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