People who inspire

These are stories about people of action. They have the ambition to turn ideas into reality, accomplish more, and change lives. They’re the doers—the people who start things, move the world forward, and inspire others.

Igniting change begins with a single spark

For these women, breaking boundaries is all in a day’s work. Find out how they pursued their passions and defied odds to become pioneers in their fields.

Anything's possible when your passion meets your purpose

It’s deeper than curiosity, more powerful than interest or a hunger for learning. Passion is what drives these innovators to improve their corner of the world.

When we work together, we achieve more

Individually, people are effective—but together, we’re powerful. These teams are all proving the old saying true: When you’re trying to make a difference, two heads (or, 20) are better than one.

The first step to success is believing in yourself

What do you do when it seems like the "way things are" might never change? You start by ignoring everything other than the voice in your head that tells you to keep going.

Powering the people who empower the world

Learn how these visionaries are using Microsoft technology to turn ideas into reality, inspire others, and change lives.