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Shaping a sustainable future for the fashion industry with tech-powered innovation.

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Meet the new generation of visionaries who are exploring solutions to the fashion industry’s sustainability problem. In this episode, we’ll hear from fashion designer Ashwini Suhas Deshpande, fashion technologist Natasha Franck, creative technologist Kitty Yeung, and Matthew Drinkwater, head of LCF’s Fashion Innovation Agency. They discuss how they’re tapping into technology to reduce waste and resource depletion in fashion creation, production, and consumption. We’ll explore smart clothing empowering a circular life cycle for garments, a pattern-making process that drastically reduces waste, custom made-to-order manufacturing, and insights from an innovation institute exploring the future of the fashion industry.

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I think it’s impossible to imagine the future of fashion without considering sustainability. We can’t sit around at Fashion Week while the Amazon is burning.

Matthew Drinkwater

About the guests

Natasha Franck (left) is a fashion technologist and CEO and co-founder of the digital identity company and industry initiative Connect Fashion. 

Ashwini Suhas Dashpande (center-left) is a London College of Fashion (LCF) student who participated in the Microsoft and LCF Future of Fashion incubator. She’s the founder of Art-Z, a pattern-cutting tool that uses AI and machine learning to minimize waste in the garment-making process.

Kitty Yeung (center-right) is a creative technologist and manager of The Garage at Microsoft, a program that drives a culture of innovationShe’s also the founder of Microsoft’s Fashion Hack initiative, where she leads a project with the goal of transforming the garment manufacturing process. 

Matthew Drinkwater (right) works at the crossroads of fashion, retail, and technology. He’s the head of LCF’s Innovation Agency, a creative consultancy using emerging technology to alter the way that the fashion industry is making, showcasing, and retailing.

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