When everyone’s included, we all thrive

Discover the change-makers using technology to create a more inclusive world today.

Unlocking a more accessible future

In this podcast series, host Lacey Henderson, Paralympian, shines a spotlight on disability. She speaks with change-makers like former NFL player and ALS advocate Steve Gleason, Casey Harris of the band X Ambassadors, and Unified Robotics founders Kendall and Delaney Foster.

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Open for all

Imagine a world where everything from music to sports to everyday information is available for all, regardless of their background, circumstances, or abilities. It’s not just a vision for the future. It’s happening now, all around us, thanks to visionaries who are creating ways for people of all abilities to participate and thrive with the power of technology.

Sharing our voices

When we seek out different points of view—and strive to understand them—we gain the power to effect positive change in people’s lives, communities, and the world. Now, it’s time to listen and learn.

Celebrating makers

What does it take to incubate big ideas into real innovations that advance the world for good—even in the face of bias and skepticism? What would have happened if these powerful voices in STEM had been silenced? Here, we celebrate the women who overcame barriers to break through as pioneers in their fields.

Special Olympics spectators
More ways to build an inclusive world
To find out ways that you can learn more or take action, visit these resources.
Inclusive Design

Seeking out diverse perspectives to design for people of all abilities

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Help students with learning differences improve their reading skills

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A group of students collaborating, working together on a touch-enabled laptop screen.
A group of students collaborating, working together on a touch-enabled laptop screen.

Discover accessibility tools that meet the needs of diverse learners

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Be part of the Girls Who Code movement
Two girls interacting at a girls who code event.

Start a Girls Who Code club or volunteer your time with one

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