The NFL is keeping the spirit of the game alive

The NFL's 2020-21 season played out in a year like no other. Find out how teams and broadcasters turned to technology to collaborate, connect with fans, and keep their favorite traditions alive.
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Technology is changing the game

What is the role of technology in sports? These organizations are innovating with new tools that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Technology drives Alpine F1® Team beyond the track

In Formula One racing, every millisecond counts. Alpine F1 Team is keeping pace with innovation to push their performance on and off the track.

Helping athletes reach new heights

Find out how these teams are tapping technology to better collect and analyze performance data—and ultimately, empower athletes to soar.

Rooted in tradition, cricket enters a new era of innovation

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) is tapping into cutting-edge technology to empower a new generation of players and fans in the UK cricket community.

Bringing fans closer to the action

Now, more than ever, fans are craving new tech-powered experiences like these to help them connect with their favorite players and teams.

“I’ve heard thousands of no’s, and I don’t let them get me down.”

In developing her career as a pro racer and monster truck driver, Collete Davis has faced a lot of rejection along the way.