Shaping the future of the game

LaLiga turns the technical prowess of players into dynamic data to take fans deeper into the game.

As a top league in global soccer with a worldwide audience of over 2.8 billion, LaLiga is at the forefront of providing engaging fan experiences on and off the field—from their players’ ability to dazzle on the pitch to the insights they offer spectators eager to predict which team will dominate the season.

LaLiga first launched the cutting-edge data analysis platform Mediacoach over a decade ago, now part of LaLiga Tech’s portfolio, changing the way teams use match data. Now, LaLiga is introducing 21 exciting new metrics via Beyond Stats in collaboration with Microsoft. Using Microsoft Azure technology to process player tracking data and camera movement on the field, Beyond Stats helps fans and the media analyze a game from their unique points of view.


A new era in sports and beyond

During a match, players move swiftly across the entire field, which requires up to 16 fixed cameras for optical tracking around the perimeter of every stadium to catch all 3.5 million data points per game. LaLiga then processes this data through Mediacoach, which is made available to clubs as well as delivered to fans through match broadcasts and digital content. By using a mix of custom algorithms and AI, LaLiga’s data strategy is to give clubs the insights they need to adapt their training schedules, study opponents and prepare for match days—and give fans a deeper understanding of the game.

While a casual fan might just want to see scores and game highlights, the more hardcore ones might prefer an in-depth look at ElClasico matches, with player-by-player statistical breakdowns and tactical analysis.

Whether it’s knowing which FC Barcelona player is best positioned to surpass their number of assists last season or understanding how Atletico de Madrid, manage to concede so few goals, Beyond Stats provides the answers. The raw data is captured and processed by Mediacoach. It’s then presented in a range of accessible dashboards that allow LaLiga to sort, filter, and pinpoint key metric insights for fans. So what other metrics can Beyond Stats share with fans and the media?

See how Beyond Stats breaks down key highlights from a few of LaLiga’s top players

A soccer player marked by two defenders attempts to pass to a teammate during a match.
A soccer player surrounded by three defenders dribbles the ball forward during a match.
A soccer player passes the ball forward through two defenders during a soccer match.
A soccer team passes the ball to break through the defensive line of the opponent.
A soccer player attempts to avoid a slide tackle from a defender during a match.
A goalkeeper uses one hand to make a save to prevent a goal during a soccer match.
Average players involved in a possession

Using ball and player tracking data for when a team receives the ball, LaLiga can measure the number of players that touch the ball until the team loses possession.

Carries leading to a shot

This metric measures how many times per game a given player moves the ball up the pitch, leading directly to a shot in the same sequence.

First pass played forward percentage

How often is a first pass, after winning back possession, actually played forward? This useful stat can help determine whether a midfielder likes to play it safe or take risks.

Breaking the rival's defensive line

How frequently does a player break their opponent’s defensive line, through either a forward pass or dribble up field? This metric helps LaLiga assess the effectiveness of a player in attack.

Dangerous recovery

The team can also pinpoint exactly how often a player makes a ball recovery in an advantageous position close to the opponent’s goal.

Goal probability

Taking into account the position of the players, the ball, the distance to the goal line, and other parameters, this model calculates the probability of each player scoring—almost in real time.

These metrics showcase the exciting ways that LaLiga will be able to harness data and metrics to create more engaging, tailored experiences—and usher in an exciting new era for fans, the media, and the sport at large.

A soccer player jumps to the ball to protect it from an opponent during a match.

Explore the metrics

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