Bringing their best




What helps professional athletes and their coaches have the confidence they need to perform at the top of their game? Is it an age-old tradition, the encouragement of fans, or the latest high-performance equipment and technology? The answer is, all of the above, with one new key player on the scene—data.

Top athletes like WNBA star Jewell Loyd and BWT Alpine F1® Team driver Fernando Alonso may have the best gear available and their own traditions, but they also rely on data analytics to win. Find out why data—along with all the other game-day essentials—has become a must-have tool that athletes, coaches, and sports lovers can’t live without.


WNBA’s Jewell Loyd brings her best

Jewell is a fierce competitor and loyal teammate with a multitude of ways to get into the competitive mindset. These include throwing away the shoes she’s wearing when she loses, religiously drinking apple juice before games, and sharing special handshakes with her squad.​

The data game plan

Jewell works with a data analyst named Mark Venetos, who’s been her close friend since grade school. Mark has an eye for numbers and with the use of Power BI, he helps his WNBA All-Star best friend understand how to amplify her game.   Jewell and Mark study the dashboards before and after games. The data helps Jewell prepare for her opponents and track her efficiency.  

BWT Alpine F1® Team’s Fernando Alonso brings his best

When asked about the lucky charms and superstitions that take his game to the next level, BWT Alpine F1 Team’s Fernando Alonso has a simple answer: there aren’t any. That’s because he likes a clean mind, clean lines, and clean races—all of which Microsoft data solutions help make possible

BWT Alpine F1 Team Car driving on track.

The data game plan

Innovating at the speed of F1, BWT Alpine F1 Team turns to technology to find design, production, and strategy innovations. Though Microsoft technology is integrated across the organization, one of the biggest impacts comes through helping the team make sense of its vast amounts of data. In particular, an Azure-based data science platform brings together the billions of data points captured at each race and during factory simulations that allows the team to make data driven design and strategy decisions. 

How LaLiga brings their best

LaLiga’s Beyond Stats platform lets fans see the ins and outs of detailed game strategy with impressive analytics and immersive graphics. The platform also helps fans bring their best to every match, even if it’s from their living rooms.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities, powered by Microsoft Azure, Beyond Stats provides an analysis of vast quantities of dynamic matchday statistics from LaLiga Tech’s Mediacoach tool.  It’s part of LaLiga’s global fan engagement strategy offering free content and analysis for each LaLiga Santander in both English and Spanish through a dedicated web portal.

LaLiga will also utilize Microsoft Azure, AI, and machine learning to power its LaLiga SportsTV OTT platform, which has over 1.5 million registered users. And Microsoft Power BI dashboards will provide data visualizations for TV audiences, social media, and beyond, creating more engaging and tailored experiences.

The data game plan

Beyond Stats is an advanced football statistics initiative that involves a fan-facing web portal and the creation of 21 new metrics, powered by Microsoft Azure, which will revolutionize over 2.8 billion fans’ experience and give them a deeper understanding of the game they love.    

STEM Superstars

Data is essential to performing better, faster, and smarter in the world of sports. Hear from the people behind the scenes—from data scientists to engineers—who use their STEM expertise to help give sports organizations their competitive edge.