Hendrick Motorsports tapping new technologies

After decades of excellence in NASCAR, Hendrick Motorsports is tapping new technologies to spur real-time decision making and ensure success on the track.

Hendrick Motorsports first made their way into the tight-knit NASCAR society in the 1980s, earning a record 12 championships in NASCAR’s premier division. Throughout Hendrick Motorsports’ illustrious history, the team has been consistently recognized for its innovations in the sport.

Now, with all eyes set on Victory Lane, Hendrick Motorsports will kick off the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series with the support of real-time strategic insights they’ve mined using Microsoft technologies into a new Lap Analyzer tool.

Rising to rapidly changing challenges

Finding success in NASCAR means being able to quickly adapt to the sport’s changing rules and ecosystem. In 2017, the landscape changed when NASCAR opened up access to data streams from each car at every race. The data paired GPS location with valuable telemetry information such as speed, brake level, and throttle position. As a result, teams could see precise details about every car at virtually any location on the track. With so much new data suddenly at their fingertips, Hendrick needed a solution for generating actionable insights that would make them faster on the track.

A tool to make winning decisions

Using the Lap Analyzer, drivers like Alex Bowman, Chase Elliot, and William Byron can work with their race engineers to determine the ideal point on a turn to pull off the throttle and engage the brakes, or identify the most efficient line around the curve, during any given race.

To take advantage of the opportunity, Hendrick was look to translate the data into insights they could actually use. The team worked with Microsoft and gskinner to develop a custom Lap Analyzer tool, allowing team engineers to compare a given car’s data streams at different points on a track to understand how a driver’s actions affect lap time—all in real-time.

How quickly you can make the right decision is a huge difference in winning or not.

Jimmie Johnson, former No. 48 Hendrick Motorsports driver

High-speed collaboration

It was equally important for Hendrick to be able to share this data securely and effectively with the team’s various stakeholders. Microsoft Teams was able to meet these needs, offering an efficient communication and collaboration system in one place that provides enterprise-grade end-to-end security, ensuring that Hendrick Motorsports’ data, insights, and strategies are protected—essential in a sport where one second can mean the difference between first and fifth place.

Success on the racetrack is a product of having world-class people and the finest tools and technology.

Alba Colón, Engineer & Director of Competition Systems, Hendrick Motorsports
A man in a black hat reviews and sends photographs on a monitor.

Hendrick Motorsports shifts gears

From engineers to pit crew members, effective communication is vital on and off the racetrack. Find out how Hendrick Motorsports is using Microsoft Teams to connect, collaborate, and innovate from anywhere.

As NASCAR evolves, Hendrick Motorsports and Microsoft are looking to the future. They’ll continue to collaborate on innovative custom solutions that help the team adapt—from enhanced data analysis capabilities to speech-to-text tools to race simulation upgrades that’ll give Hendrick Motorsports the edge they need to compete for another championship.