Bringing basketball fans inside the game

Basketball fans are turning to digital platforms to connect with the game they love. Find out how new technology and metrics from both the NBA and WNBA are revolutionizing the fan experience.

Now more than ever, fans are eager to know more about the game they love. They’re turning to metrics and digital content to get an inside look at the game that brings the action on the court to life in an entirely new way.

That’s why the NBA and WNBA have partnered with Microsoft to give fans access to exciting new metrics, personalized content, fan platforms, and in-depth stories that help them better understand what makes their favorite athletes and teams thrive, both on and off the court.

So how is this partnership taking shape and bringing the game to life for fans?

Insights through data

Throughout the NBA and WNBA season, there are millions of data points per game, resulting in exciting new metrics that go beyond the traditional box score. Thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence, platforms like NBA CourtOptix and WNBA Crunch Time are changing the way sports are played, coached, watched, and ultimately experienced.

There’s no debate about Donovan Mitchell’s Game

Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell is a master of making baskets shooting 65.9% within 5ft of the rim leading him to get double teamed 10.8 possessions per game. The proof is in the metrics … NBA CourtOptix metrics. While NBA CourtOptix can highlight what makes NBA players so successful at driving into the paint, protecting the rim, or creating dazzling plays, it won’t settle the debate on if pineapple belongs on pizza or who should control the radio in the car. See how Donovan nets out on those topics.

A digital rendering of half of a basketball court for the NBA CourtOptix Defensive Score Representation. Marked on it are the white lines of the court with superimposed blue lines indicating the "Basket Lane" and "Passing Lane," blue circles and red Xes showing potential defensive plays, and a red and white box that says: "Pressure Score: 77."

Dig into the metrics with CourtOptix

Check out the players and teams topping the leaderboards with NBA CourtOptix metrics like Double Teams and Defensive Pressure.

Making an impact

But the impact of the leagues’ top players can be seen well beyond the court. Microsoft is partnering with these athletes to continue their mission of fostering and creating opportunities in the community.

Digital transformation