NFL players and coaches share their secrets for success

Find out how NFL players, coaches, and Clubs tackle each game, every season, and their careers with an eye towards winning. From technology to strategy to superstitions, what are their secrets for success?

With more than 2,000 Surface devices in the hands of coaches and players, powering 335 NFL games in a year, the Surface has become ubiquitous on the sidelines.

The NFL collaborated closely with Microsoft—consulting with coaches and players—to develop its Surface Sideline Viewing System (SVS). SVS provides insights to improve game-time performance and coaching, helping players adjust their tactics in near real time. That’s why NFL Clubs now rely on that technology to better analyze opponents’ game plans, review plays and formations from multiple angles, and add speed to strategizing that’s essential both on and off the field.

An ever-adapting NFL

When the 2020-21 season went virtual, the NFL tapped Microsoft technology to adapt—and thrive. Surface and Teams rose to the occasion as the go-to technology for broadcasters and virtual fan experiences.

Now, with stadiums filled again this season, the NFL is using a robust set of tools to fuel better prep, better play, and more passionate fans than ever.

Beyond SVS, the Microsoft Surface Instant Replay (MSIR) allows officials to review replays directly on the field , improving the overall pace of play and minimizing disruptions for fans. And through Windows for Surface, the NFL and NFL Clubs have introduced a host of innovations—from managing digital playbooks and reviewing game footage anywhere, to real-time collaboration between the coaches’ booth and sideline, to new insights that guide training, physical conditioning, and recovery so players are at their peak performance on game day and all season long.

This year, as part of Microsoft and the NFL’s longstanding partnership, they’re continuing to work together to make the game better and more vital—week by week and play by play.

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