Real Madrid, powered by passion and technology

One of the world’s greatest football clubs—Real Madrid—is using Microsoft technology to transform its operations, performance, fitness, and relationships with 500 million global fans.

Becoming one of the greatest football clubs in the world takes more than just a well-played 90 minutes. It takes hundreds of hours of training and fitness, a passionate fan base, and the latest technology.

Microsoft has been working with Real Madrid F.C. to transform their organization through data and digital technology that streamlines operations, helps coaches customize performance and fitness strategies, and gives fans unprecedented access to their favorite club.

Gaining a competitive advantage

Before a game, Real Madrid will use that same technology to analyze their next rival to optimize their strengths in training, as well as during a match. Having the digital tools to capture and synthesize this data quickly is essential for a legendary club that has faced more than 150 teams.

Using data to attain peak performance

Of course, Real Madrid's top priority is helping players maintain their fitness throughout the season. Their team of medical professionals—including doctors, physical therapists, and nutritionists—uses Microsoft technology to register and analyze match data in real-time to guide training regimens and even predict the health conditions of every player. The goal is to empower peak performance, down to the last minute.

Targeting injury-prevention with technology

An essential part of keeping players fit and healthy is protecting their most important asset: their feet. Real Madrid podiatrists turn to innovative technology from other disciplines—including 4D scanning from gaming, data analysis based in artificial intelligence, and materials from Formula One racing—to design durable equipment that provides protection and flexibility as players make thousands of different movements over the course of a game.

Analyzing movements to maximize training

Beyond maintaining a healthy team, Real Madrid coaches are also able to use GPS devices and cloud-based software to track and analyze the movements of each player during training. This makes it possible to improve in every session, in real-time, based on what they’re seeing and translate it into better performance on the field.

Connecting a global network of fans

With just 3% of their 500 million fans based in Spain, Real Madrid needed a way to better connect with them—wherever they are in the world. Real Madrid partnered with Microsoft to launch a cloud-based global digital sports platform that allows them to engage one-on-one with fans, create targeted promotional campaigns, and use data to track and analyze fan behaviors. Along the way, they've gained a deeper understanding of what drives their unparalleled passion and loyalty.