Camp Know Where

It’s 1985 … and the future of STEM is radical

It’s the summer of ‘85 and life for the kids of Stranger Things is changing: there's a new mall in town, developing romances and friendships, and of course, the ever-evolving threat against Hawkins, Indiana. As the kids use technology (and telekinesis) to try and save humanity, go inside their world with these totally retro experiences from Microsoft and Stranger Things.

Back to the Future is crushing it at the box office. Mario Brothers is poised to take video gaming by storm. And Microsoft launches Windows 1.0, kicking off the PC revolution. The year is 1985, and technology is seeping into pop culture, shaping it in righteous ways. This is the backdrop of Stranger Things’ third season, Netflix’s blockbuster show where a group of clever and tech-savvy kids is tasked with using their intelligence, bravery, and trust in each other to save the world.

Stranger Things is a celebration of curious minds, friendship, and the belief that even the most unlikely heroes have the power to change the world. And to mark its anticipated third season, Netflix is partnering with Microsoft to bring fans back in time to 1985—the year Microsoft released the first version of Windows, introducing the world to Microsoft Paint and helping us all get used to a strange little device known as “the mouse.” And later this month, they’re turning back time with a quintessentially ‘80s experience: summer camp. With a Microsoft twist.

Camp Know Where kicks off on July 20th at all Microsoft stores, offering STEM workshops leveraging Microsoft technology and inspired by experiences that campers like Dustin and his girlfriend Suzie may have had at camp (where they met, by the way, in a classic 80’s love storyline). Students today can use the latest Microsoft Surface and Windows 10 technology to learn skills that could get them choice coding jobs, or maybe even save the world someday. (Windows 1.0 computers will not be featured at camp.) 

Start packing for Camp Know Where

Camp Know Where includes two programs open to all ages but recommended for students 13+ at Microsoft Stores in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. At Rule the arcade, students learn game and coding concepts to create a playable game—and become rulers of the arcade like Mad Max or Lucas. At Strange-ify your world, participants create a Stranger Things-inspired mini movie using 3D models, Windows Ink, special effects, and even a soundtrack.

Windows 1.11 Animated

Turn back to 1985 with Windows 1.11

Experience 1985 nostalgia with a special edition PC app inspired by Windows 1.0—but something strange has taken over. Explore the mysteries and secrets plaguing Hawkins, unlock unique show content and easter eggs, and play retro games and puzzles—all building off Stranger Things 3. It’s the raddest show companion experience ever. But fair warning: beware the Mind Flayer.
XBOX Caleb McLaughlin

Turn your living room into a retro arcade

Game like it’s 1985. Cast member Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas) shares how you can win a Stranger Things 3 Collectible Arcade Cabinet—and an Xbox One X, too.

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